Bill Kemsley
Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer

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Bill Kemsley


I'm Bill Kemsley, an eLearning enthusiast with an eye for creative, professional design.

For over a decade, I have worked with leading eLearning companies to provide custom learning solutions to a variety of enterprise and government clients. I obtained a bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management from the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University. I am currently pursuing a master's degree in Instructional Psychology and Technology at BYU.

If you are in need of instructional design, e-learning development, or web design work, feel free to contact me.


Instructional Design

I work with subject matter experts to align an organization’s training needs with the needs of its learners. I create detailed, PowerPoint-based storyboards that describe how eLearning courses will look and function.

Course Development

I develop interactive eLearning courses and games using Articulate Storyline, Studio, and Rise.

Learning Management Systems

I administer a variety of Learning Management Systems.

Graphic Art

I design create custom graphics for print and the web.

Audio Mastering

I master audio (normalization, noise reduction, cropping, etc.)

Script Writing

I write clear, concise scripts that enable learning.

Video Editing and Screencasting

I edit videos and create professional screencasts.

PowerPoint Presentations and Handouts

I create beautiful, animation-rich PowerPoints and custom PDF handouts for conferences, screencasts, and classrooms.

And more!

For specific inquiries, please send me a message.


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As a resource for fellow instructional designers and e-learning developers, I write a blog called The Instructional Designer's Toolkit. The blog provides tools, tutorials, and inspiration for beginning and advanced designers. I hope you find it useful!

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